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Designer Leigh Radford Builds Community through her Blanket Design

or, Please join the first Blankets for Bastrop Knit-a-Long

Knitting designer Leigh Radford has graciously offered Blankets for Bastrop  the use of her Albers Stash Blanket to use for the project.  If you don’t know Radford, she is the author/designer behind One Skein, One More Skein: 30 Quick Projects to KnitAlterknits: Imaginative Projects and Creativity ExercisesAlterKnits Felt: Imaginative Projects for Knitting & Felting.

I came across the Albers stash blanket as I was searching for a blanket pattern that was both easy to knit and something that could be completed by multiple knitters and put together at the end.  The Albers blanket fit our needs perfectly.  It is an amazingly versatile rib pattern, stretchy and soft, and each knitter could knit one long pattern about the size of a short scarf.

photo by C. Herling

When I contacted Radford, she was in the process of launching a community knitting project in Portland, Oregon, using this pattern.  The project was to encourage knitters to contribute a panel to the project she is ding in Portland, or to coordinate a local effort in their own community.  Local effort in your own community?  That’s us!  That’s us!

So, it comes down to this:  if you would like to join the first KAL for Blankets for Bastrop, and contribute a panel to go into a blanket for a family who lost their home in the fire, please read on.  Go to this link for the blanket and download the pattern.  The colorway for this blanket is pink, green, and brown, and by brown we mean anything from off-white to chocolate.

All you need to do is let us know that you are knitting a panel, and if it is panel 1 or any of the other panels.  We are sticking somewhat to her design, but there are some stary yarns that end up getting knit into a longer block of color and some that we just stick with the minimum 12 rows.  With that in mind, the only difference in the panels is that Panel 1 has a slightly different stitch count to account for the inevitable rolling as well as the joining of the other panels.

Alright, so go.  Get clickin with those needles!  Pictures to come soon….