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High School Group Makes Blankets for Bastrop

A local group of high school students has made it their group project to make blankets for the Blankets for Bastrop Project.  It made no difference that most of them didn’t know how to knit, either.  With the donated yarn and needles, they jumped right in, given the opportunity to help out.

When I brought in the donated yarn, all the girls spent their lunch hour with me learning to knit.  We have met at lunch several times now.  They are knitting individual squares ranging in size from 6 to 10 inches.  they knit one, turn it in, pick another yarn, and start knitting another one.  Some are slow knitters, some are quick.  A few are natural knitting prodigies.  It’s nice to see them come together, to sit around and talk (which they would do anyway.)  I love to catch one student showing a technique to another.  Or the look when one girl figures out that if she combines knits and purls, she can create all kinds of patterns.

There’s also a little friendly competition in the works now..  The one who knits the most squares gets a handmade and decorated bag which they all love.


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