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Kindness of Strangers – Yarn Donations

These are the colors I am using in my blanket. If you would like to join me by making a panel, stay tuned for a link to a pattern donated by Leigh Radford.

One of the most dynamic people I’ve ever met is Susan, owner of Yarnorama, our local and best yarn store.  She and her husband were evacuated from their home on one of the fire days and actually spent a night in the yarn store.  Shortly thereafter, she organized local knitters to help replace the works-in-progress of knitters who had lost their homes.  All she did was ask that if anyone  had any extra yarn or supplies, they could send them to her and she would help distribute them to her customers who had lost everything.

The first box of donated yarn.

The results stunned even her.  She had yarn coming in from all over the state and even as far as California and Washington state.  At the same time, she and I had been talking, I having called her to toss around some ideas, and she told me to come get some yarn she had set aside for the Blankets to Bastrop project.  I imagined a few boxes set out on the porch.  What we got was enough yarn for probably 14 to 15 blankets or afghans.  I loaded it all up – it was a good thing that I was in the truck, and brought it home to organize.

She had already had volunteers sorting through all the yarn: some people are making washcloths to go with handmade soap that is being donated to fire victims, and other people just want their neighbors to have a project to work on to keep their hands busy and their minds occupied.  Now I had to sort what she had given me.

Donated yarn for Blankets for Bastrop

I spread it all out on the driveway and started sorting.  Most of it is acrylic blends, but the colors are fabulous.  As I dove into it, I wasn’t really sure about how to sort it, but before long, the yarns just sort of started falling together into natural groups.

This will be the Fiesta Blanket.

The Dark Primaries

Sailing Blues.

Ocean Waves

I Gotta Wear Shades

As you can tell, the pictures are getting darker.  The sun is going down.

A Christmas Blanket

Pretty in Pink Fizz

Time flew, but I worked well into the night, by the light of a shop light clamped onto the fence by my husband.


Donated yarn has almost all been sorted.

So we are well on our way.  If you would like to help, and would like to work with some of the donated yarn, please email us – go to the Crochet or Knit pages – and I can arrange to send you some yarn to work with.


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  1. I know ladies cleaning out fabric collection. Is there someone in this group that could make blankets? I am getting cotton and flannel from these ladies in the next week or 2 and I don’t have time to make blankets.

    • Hi Vicki – Thanks for asking. As long as the fabric is cotton or flannel, or is clean, we can put it to use. We have people to cut it, and then my mom offered to sew it, and another lady with a long arm machine will quilt it. Just send it on. -Jill

      P.S. If you are local, maybe we can meet and save on shipping.


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